Mit Liebe Shepherd Dog Rescue began in October of 1997. In those 6 years we have ‘rescued’ just over 100 German Shepherd Dogs. The rescue was started because of the problem of overpopulation, not only GSDs, but all pets. German Shepherd Dogs have been a favorite breed of mine for years. The German Shepherd Dog is a loyal, brave, and beautiful companion.

With our volunteers, we are trying to make a difference.

The best part of rescue is seeing a dog that was sick and underweight when he came into rescue, going to his forever home, healthy and at a comfortable weight.

One of the hardest parts of rescue, is saying no to a shelter or an owner surrender. NO, meaning that we just do not have any room. And if none of the rescues have room, then what happens to the dog?

Please, have your pet spayed or neutered.