Do you know some women go out of their way to pamper their dogs with gifts for dog moms? It has been recalled that a woman once sold all she had just to buy her two dogs the most precious neck bracelets just to show how much she loves them.

I guess not many dog moms will be willing to give all they have for the sake of a dog. Of course dog moms have fashioned a way to offer each other expensive gifts on mothers day or on dog moms day – gifts like t-shirts with inscriptions of how they feel about their pet or rare gift that can only be found in the most expensive shops.

In a few days, the dog mom day will be celebrated and it is expected that all dog lovers will offer a gift to one another to celebrate this awesome occasion among themselves.

That’s right, the dog moms day is celebrated every second Saturday of May to celebrate all those who identify with dogs, not only dogs but members of the family.

If you know a woman who goes out of her way for her dog, to take it everywhere, offer the best care for it, and you want to give him something. Here I share this gift guide for dog moms, with our favorite brands.

In this article, i have included the most popular gift that you can offer dog mom on mothers day, or dog moms day and they are inexpensive and can be found in almost every gift shop.

I also put some options on Amazon, in case you can’t place your order on time with these brands, with Amazon Prime your order arrives the next day. So there are no excuses not to give something to that dog’s mom.

Gifts for the fashionable dog mom

Personalized Charm Bag

We know that a dog mom will always want to take her dog everywhere, unfortunately, it is not always possible. 

So why not have the illustration of your dog in this beautiful charm, which you can put in your bag so that it always accompanies you.

Matching Hoodies

For that dog mom who seeks comfort but wants to match with her best friend; because she did not buy this set of sweatshirts.

They are perfect for when you go out to walk your dog or go on a trip. The best thing is that you can choose between different colors. 

pet charm necklace

If you are looking for something more discreet to show off your love for your dog, then this paw print necklace is the option. This necklace is 22k gold plated. It is discreet and elegant, so you can wear it at any time. 

Set matching bandana/mascara

If you love to match with your dog but still want to be a little more discreet, this bandana/scarf set is the option!

Best of all, a scarf is a very versatile accessory, you can even put it in your bag without using it on yourself. So this accessory should be a must in any woman’s closet and if you combine it with your dog, even better. 

Gifts for the coffee dog mom

custom mug

That mom is not addicted to coffee/tea does noot mean she will not appreciate a dog moms gift for mothers day. So, you need to have a mug with the illustration of your dog, whether you have it at home or you do home office. Or take it to work so you can show off your pup to all your co-workers. 

This is a gift every dog mom will appreciate.

Personalized Cat We Make Eye Contact While I Poop Mother’s Day Coffee Mug

dog mom wine glass

Speaking of drinks, if in addition to being a coffee lover you also love wine, this option is for you. This glass also works like a thermos so you can put both hot and cold drinks and it will maintain its temperature. 

If you’re a doggy mom of the adventurous type, you’ll appreciate having this multi-functional tumbler for those long drives with your dog or when you’re camping with him.

The best, it comes in 5 different colors.

Gifts for the reading dog mom

Book “The history of the world through dogs” 

Do you like to read and you love dogs? This book is for you. You’ll find 50 beautiful illustrations of famous (and perhaps not so famous) dogs that have shaped the history of mankind.

Because remember, dogs and humans have shared this world almost from the beginning. They are not called our best friends for nothing. 

Libro “Dog Mom: A Love Story“

The title of this book says it all, and when you see the illustrations you will end up in love like me.

This is a book of illustrations alluding to that unconditional love that only dog moms can understand. In addition, the book comes with some stickers that you will surely want to paste everywhere.

Gifts for the stay-at-home dog mom

Book “Recipes to pamper your dog”

If going on an adventure with your dog is not your thing, and you prefer to spend time at home; for example creating recipes for your dog, then this book is for you.

All the recipes are dog-friendly without artificial colors that you will surely appreciate having on hand at home, for when you decide to pamper your dog a little more than usual.

Silicone molds

For the dog mom who cooks, then these molds cannot be missing in your kitchen to prepare those delicious homemade treats. With these molds, you can create frozen treats, jellies, and even cakes.

These are some gifts you can offer a dog mom when celebrating this years dog moms day. The good thing about this day is that most gifts you receive will come from people who appreciate you and your contribution to the dog’s family. So if you are a mom and you have a dog, tis is the best time to buy a gift for your neighbor who also owns a dog.

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